the mother and the baby camel

one day, the baby camel asked, "mom, why have we got these huge three-toed feet?"

the mother replied, "To enable us to trek across trhe soft sand 0of the desert without sinking."

"And why have we got there long, heavy eyelahes?"
"To keep thesand out of our eyes on the trips thorugh the desert," replied the mother camel.

"And Mom, why have we gto these big humps on our backs?"

The mother, now a little impatient with her baby replied, "They are there to help us store fat for our long treks across the desert, so we can go without water for long periods."

"OK, I get it!" said the baby camel, "We have huge feet to stop us from sinking, long eyelashes to keep the sand from our eyes and big humps to store water. then, Mom, why the heck are we here in the Toronto Zoo?"