CDO White Water Rafting!!!

Approaching rapids, weee!!!! :D

Rapids again, ;-)

Last November 29, 2008, we went to Cagayan. I "brought" with me my bestfriend Jersy. That was a company outing but i consider bringing my jersy with me, :).. Although i was skeptical to make her my companion, oh well i just found myself forcing her to come with us on the last part, :D.. We departed at our very office 2 pm on that day. We were very excited and that was my second visit in Cagayan. The last time i was there was when we had our Field Trip, Engineering Field Trip. Well anyway, on our first night, we stayed at The Malasag Eco-Tourism Garden and i'll tell you we really had a wonderful stay there. The park is very "getting-on fashion" but we all liked it because of the ambience. Mind you, we experienced being deaf for a moment because the road way there is very precipituos, the change of altitude made our ears inefficient. Our first night outside our dwelling place was treasured. Should i mention the "Night Cafe" that comes alive even after dawn? And their Divisoria de Cagayan that really made me regret for more coz i didn't had the chance to pick up garments for myself. We ended up murmuring that we should all go home before dawn. And eventually we ended up at our place, ;)..

The second day was entertaining. I must brag about the water rafting experience itself. But this is way to long if i give u details about and what about, :D.. I egg you on to go for yourself and have fun, :P

Well, on our third day, we stayed at Waig Garden Resort at Bukidnon. The place was very relaxing, and there is a Hot Spot cafe too, ;).. Bloggers will never feel behind when you stay here, :D