I almost won!!

I had a dream, just an ordinary dream. I effortlessly remembered it was 4 a.m., usually my dream comes, *wink*. It just came in an instant. I was at a Lotto outlet and "I" decided to take a bet. Someone's muttering me a number. He or she (well it didn't matter to me that much) because I was contemplating on the number he was saying. 47, bet at number 47, and a moment later i saw myself betting, hahaha..

when i woke up, there's still this "muttering," number 47.. then after realizing that i should bet on the "last two," I immediately hurried to our office and asked everyone who knows an usher. Luckily Reeman our Civil Engineer has, and i instructed him to put 100 pesos on that 47 number, :D.. At the end of the day, I guess it wasn't my luck knowing that it's 85 on the last two, *sad* my mum said i should hold on to that number until i win, but i lost track.. then 2 weeks after it came out, grrr dammit, i could have had that P7,ooo now, :(



January 22, 2009 at 3:16 PM

ow ow sorry to hear that!! 7000 is big bucks already!

better luck next time dear! hahaha

sure lets xlinks. tc


January 22, 2009 at 6:14 PM

Awww.. Sorry to hear abt that. You should have more faith (and have a reminder) to keep the number! :P

But never mind.. This is a thing of luck. What's better is if you work hard and at the end of the day, receive the fruits of your labour.. *^_~*

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January 22, 2009 at 8:53 PM

oh ..gosh 7000 faded away!you will get better next time.keep the faith! hehe


January 23, 2009 at 1:57 AM

almost the perfect dream ey? anyway, dreaming that you are winning is such a great feeling. i keep forcing my subconscious mind to dream that i have won big bucks from any raffle but i never do...hahaha. good luck on your next dream again ;)

oh, btw, thanks for leaving a msg in my shout box. of course, we can exchange link. please let me know when it's done, ok? shout back ;)