Love. Sad.

I never dreamed of a perfect relationship, but of being happy individuals, yes.. I started to realize thats it's easy to give a relationship up when it's always giving you pain and heartaches. Love always waits as they say. Well I'm not actually waiting but on my other side yeah I am impatiently waiting. I don't know when and who but for me, that will be the happiest day of my life in history. I always feel sad nowadays. Not because I'm separated with my parents - because I know they will always be there. I'm not totally bothered now but I'm really just excited to know who's that guy that God has prepared for me. I will be sharing the rest of my life with him. I have seen love mocked at me many times. A love that is not meant for me at all. I've embraced that love without realizing that somebody deserves that love more than I do. And I became so selfish that I even forgot about the love that was prepared for me. ♥