Relax. Use all your senses, except visual. Can you smell the odor of this room? Where are you now? What do you feel? Are you free? Do feel alive? Present? How about inner feelings? Do you feel defensive? Or defenseless? Why do you feel that kind of feeling? Do you want to open up? Are You breathing normally? What are you thinking? Is there something bothering you at this moment? Are you comfortable? Do you want to go back to some particular event in your past? Was that a happy moment? Why do you want to go back there? Do you think about those times often? Does it just come back without you thinking about it or you constantly think about it? How do you feel after? Do you feel relieved? Are you afraid of something? Something that's related to that moment? Let's go back to that moment, shall we? 

Try to remember everything. The place, the smell, the temperature. The noise in the background. Go back, reminisce. What was the feeling like? What type of music do you hear.? Do you know the title.? Feel free to remember everything. Walk around. Look for something that can make you remember. As you walk, you see something. you see a door. There's a door in front of you. That door leads to that place, that moment. Do you want to open the door? Try to open it. Does the door needs a key? Turn the knob. Are you able to open the door? Go inside. What do you see? What do you smell? Where are you now? Tell me what do you see? How old are you? What are you doing? What do you feel? Tell me everything. Are you alone?  


You don't trust people that's why sometimes you end up very disappointed. Who do you trust the most? You have to trust me okay? It gives you the idea that I'm doing this or I'm doing that because those are the things that you've been doing. Your mind is feeding you shit. Stop doing things that make you the person you least want to be, or you hate to be.