My journey through Meditation

I've always wanted to try meditation but then I was skeptical coz I know my mind wanders all the time. It was introduced to me 6 years ago by a friend's Mom. Sometimes, when I visit my friend's house, my friend will always say we have to keep our voices low coz her mom was meditating. It piqued my interest that time. Her mom does yoga and she's definitely a vegan! But I've noticed that eventhough her mom meditates a lot, I didn't see much happiness in her face.  So it made me wonder what meditation can do to people. 

There are lots of kinds of meditation. So far I've tried pranayama and candle meditation, wherein you have to gaze at a candle flame and focus all your attention to the candle. The first time I tried, I often get teary eyed. I felt that my eyes were burning. I wasn't able to concentrate coz of the uncomfortable burning sensation in my eyes. Then after a few minutes, I felt something going on. I gazed at the candle without blinking my eyes. I felt the flame flowing though my body. It was a different kind of feeling. I was feeling weaker, or stronger, I wasn't even sure. Thoughts come, and then disappear. 30 minutes later, I was asked to close my eyes and lie down. I saw different colors and a light, at the center of my vision. I guess the aim of the candle meditation is to concentrate externally, to the feeling, focus on what you're eyes can see. 

My favorite is the pyramid meditation. It mainly focuses on your breathing. So, you have to direct everything internally. The inflow and the outflow. This way of meditation is more efficient for me. 

Meditation did a lot of great things to me. It made me become more disciplined, more focused. I feel more comfortable with everyone. I've become more aware of the emotions I've been feeling and to the things that are happening around me. I stopped worrying and I started living life to the fullest without having inhibitions. 

To be continued...