F'ed Up Feeling

Last night my whole world was spinning. I've read something about grounding and I tried it for the first time. I pictured out my veins rooting to the ground, deeper and deeper. I even imagined the 5 layers of soils (where I learned from my geo experiences). Deeper and deeper to the hardest soil and my roots are holding on to the hardest soil/rock 40 meters below the ground. I felt that I was still floating but attached to the ground. I felt like a kite and somebody was controlling me down there. I don't wanna be floating in the dark. I think I'm going nowhere. The feeling of elation feels good but I'm feeling lost. After I finished with the "grounding," I felt terrible. I turned to my right side and the whole room was spinning. I tried to close my eyes and it was still spinning. The feeling is just fucking consuming! Though I wasn't so sure if it was because of the grounding or just anemia.